Monograph of the Living Zoila

 Monograph of the Living Zoila

by Felix Lorenz

A systematic-taxonomic and iconographic revision of the genus, 3 + 187 pp., 28 text-figures, 9 (8 coloured) maps, 54 colour-plates, with a foreword by Lindsey Groves, and with the description of a new subspecies by Felix Lorenz & Hugh Morrison. Size 170 x 240 mm, hardcover. Published 2001. Price: 45,00 Euro

This volume deals with the 19 recent species and subspecies of the genus Zoila, a fascinating group of endemic Cowries from West Australia. All of the more than 60 names used in the past are clarified, one subspecies is described new to science. There is a chapter on the fossil history of the genus, another covers the biology, morphology and reproduction and also discussed the lumper - splitter debate, trying to give answers applying modern species - concepts. All taxa are illustrated in colour, accompained by a full synonymy, a conchological description, information on the type and type locality data, geographic and vertical distribution, rarity, size-range, habitat, and so on. A book that is indispensable for every cowry-collector, and of highest interest as well for all conchologists and malacologists.


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