New Worldwide Cowries


This new work on this uppermost popular family of shells was published on 27 july 2002.

6 new species of cowries are described, 16 new
subspecies, and 14 new subspecies by taxonomic
validation etc.. etc...

The text part is enriched by an extensive iconographical part and explains in detail all changes made.

The 292 page work handles the following subjects:
- News about the genus Zoila
- Subspecies of Mauritia maculifera and M. scurra.
- Major changes in the Leporicypraea-mappa-complex: splitting up the map-cowries.
- Description of the southeastern subspecies of Lyncina porteri
- Luria, with many look-alikes - description of gilvella
- Research on Cypraeovula - extensive
- New taxa in Nesiocypraea
- On Erronea bregeriana
- On Erronea caurica
- Validating a subspecies of Purpuradusta fimbriata
- The lutea-complex
- On a new subspecis of stolida
- Extensive revision of the nightmare teres-complex.
- New members in Cribrarula
- Two new Notadusta
- And finally the description of the citrina dauphinensis.

The book closes with an illustrated alphabetical checklist of all taxa in Cowries